About Us

The Hunt-Miller Insurance Agency has long been a part of the Warner Robins business landscape. The agency is staffed with insurance professionals who are willing and able to meet the needs of both personal and commercial clients. In an economy in which most companies are down-sizing, the Hunt-Miller Insurance Agency is expanding and becoming more versatile.

Over the past few years, the agency has added personnel; has made advances in the use of technology; and has contracted with additional insurance carriers in efforts to better serve its client population. The company is steeped in traditional service, yet it offers a variety of contemporary products which can be customized to individual customer needs. We look forward to building a personal and on-going relationship with you to fulfill your insurance needs.


We are risk managers and expert insurance buyers focused on established and growing businesses in the middle market. We are forward thinkers – Always anticipating your needs and what comes “next”.

We have developed a process to help our clients manage their risk. Insurance is one step in that process but it is not the first. We help you buy insurance after all other risk transfer and retention options are reviewed and ruled out.

We are powered by Keystone, one of the largest agency partnerships in the United States with over 300 Million in annual revenue.